Greer Ranch’s Bluebird Trail aka “Underdrive”

We take you down the Bluebird trail at Greer Ranch. This trail is also known as the Underdrive trail to some. It has jumps, rocks, small drops, and a whole lot of fun. The trail is currently pretty loose as it’s a fresh trail and we haven’t had any rain recently in SoCal. We would say that the Bluebird trail is more focused towards intermediate and advanced riders due to the jumps and limited traction.


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  1. Blue bird is the break left on underdrive. The drop splits at the peaks firebreak into two choices, high (overdrive) and low (underdrive) once you’re on underdrive, about a quarter of the way into the trail, there will be a split. Break right stays on underdrive. Break left takes you down blue bird.
    Not to be confused with distortion which has its entrance on the north side of the top plateau. The entrance for Overdrive/Underdrive/Bluebird is on the southside of the plateau.

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